Bamboo House Design and Construction

Moya's House
My House

I always wanted to study architecture and in 2004 I was fortunate to have the chance to design my own house. The final design derived from the lay of the land. The front of the house is rounded so that I have a view out to the sea and inland as well. Working with my maestro and his crew we managed to build what I envisioned. As soon as my house was finished I was asked to help design and build a house on the neighbouring property. Then another friend moved to the coast and asked me to assist with the design and direct the construction of his bamboo house, hotel, bar, restaurant and cabins ( Other projects have followed, including the bilingual school in Canoa.

Bamboo House
Baloo Rental Cabin

Like many artists I often find myself doing other jobs in order to make ends meet. To design a building and execute that design gives me satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. I majored in sculpture at university and building is like functional sculpture on a grand scale. My latest project was a six-sided gazebo. For the first time I worked without a maestro or engineer, having to figure out the angles and structural support on my own. While I don’t claim to be a “builder,” I have learned a lot and the work is not only satisfying but keeps the wolf from the door.

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